Project ProCorde

The members of the team look back on several decades of experience in cardiovascular research. In 2000, the foundation of Procorde laid a common basis to advance research projects, and to develop nature-based antibodies, fusion proteins and peptides. Subsequent financing rounds enabled further clinical development of the most promising peptides and antibodies, which had been identified by using these technologies.

The Team


The team has initiated most of the current projects in the first years after founding Procorde, which started in 2000. During this period, cooperations with large enterprises (e.g. Sanofi-Aventis) were carried out successfully. From 2007 on, relevant funding of the successor company Corimmun allowed further clinical development of the most promising drugs. In June 2012, Corimmun GmbH was sold to Janssen-CILAG GmbH, Neuss, a subsidiary of Johnson + Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. A price of 100 million USD was paid subsequently, and further milestone-dependent payments and royalties were agreed. Since 2020, many members of the team have been working at ISAR Bioscience. Planegg.